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I've been working out at the Palisadium for close to a year now and I must say that this is the first time in my life that I have been completely motivated to achieve my fitness goals. I have been a member of various other fitness/health clubs in the past and it is only at the Palisadium I have seen complete attention to members' needs in terms of fitness equipment, maintenance, cleanliness and friendliness and positive attitude of the employees. The staff including personal trainers are very pleasant and friendly, the views are exceptional, the facilities are state of the art and the maintenance is very good. It is at the Palisadium that I was able to realize my weight loss goal through the Biggest Loser Contest where I had the fortune to work with one of the best trainers in the field - Fitz Tuazon. Fitz gave me valuable nutrition advice and pushed me to exercise harder each day. He helped me bring out energy and stamina I never thought I had...and in the end helped me achieve my weight loss goal.

Besides having state of the art eqipment and great personal training, the Palisadium also offers a variety of classes, swimming and child care (so there is no excuse not to come in and exercise).

It is hard to not stay motivated when working out at the Palisadium...the atmosphere makes you feel like going back for more and in turn you end up achieving your goal, be it to lose weight or just get fit and stay fit with daily exercise.-----Uma Daswani

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